Teaching in New Haven: The Common Challenge
A Report of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute

Table of Contents

______James R. Vivian
______Thomas R. Whitaker
1. Melting Pot Theater: Teaching For Cultural Understanding
______Bill Derry
2. Who Do You Think You Are?
______Bill Coden
3. The Community and You: Learning Your Way Around Fair Haven
______Bejamin A. Gorman
4. The Chronicles of the New World, Shakespeare s The Tempest, and ESOL Instruction
______Norine Polio
5. Crystals: More Than Meets the Eye
______Lois Van Wagner
6. Seascapes: Beginning Explorations
______Phyllis Taylor
7. American Detectives: On TV and in Books
______Jane K. Marshall
8. From Plessy v. Ferguson to Brown v. Board of Education: The Supreme Court Rules on School Desegregation
______Karen Wolff
9. The Constitution, Censorship, and the Schools: Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes
______Peter Neal Herndon
10. The History of Flight and Some Mathematical Application
______Hermine Smikle
11. Ship and Airplane Testing: Physics for High School Mathematics Students
______James Francis Langan
12. Creation, Evolution, and the Human Genome
______Anthony B. Wright

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