The Institute accepts as Fellows teachers of English, history, languages, arts, science, and mathematics from New Haven's public elementary and secondary schools. Interested teachers discuss their potential eligibility with a School Representative or a Steering Committee member who works closely with those teachers who then submit an online application. To learn more about participating in the Institute, see our 2021 Annual Brochure and Seminar Descriptions.

New Haven Public Schools teachers and administrators were invited to register to attend our Virtual Open House at 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday, January 5, 2021, when seminar leaders described and answered questions about the seminars they will lead in 2021:

  • “The Social Struggles of Contemporary Black Art,” led by Roderick Ferguson
  • “Developing Anti-Racist Curriculum and Pedagogy,” led by Daniel Martinez HoSang
  • “How to Do Things with Maps,” led by Ayesha Ramachandran
  • “The Earth’s Greenhouse and Global Warming,” led by Peter Raymond