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For the local program, the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute is currently seeking funds that might be used for seminars in either the humanities or the sciences. Its major long-term need is for an endowment that would provide continuing support for seminars in the sciences. The existing endowment for the Teachers Institute is limited to support for seminars in the humanities, and the teachers’ expressed need for seminars has increased markedly in recent years.

On the national level, as we have said, the Teachers Institute has developed a plan for a fourteen-year continuing initiative, to be known as the Yale National Initiative, that will establish as many as 45 additional Teachers Institutes across the nation. The Yale National Initiative includes a two-year Preparation Phase, which began in 2002, followed by a twelve-year Implementation phase. Support for the Preparation Phase was made possible through an extension of the National Demonstration Project by the Wallace-Reader’s Digest Funds into 2003 and a new grant from the Jessie Ball duPont Fund.

During the Implementation Phase, funds will be needed to:

The Teachers Institute has developed a plan for a fourteen-year continuing initiative.

• establish a national association of Teachers Institutes, with appropriate staff and technical support;

• provide renewable Implementation Grants for the participating Teachers Institutes already established, in order to assure their viability, their scaling-up to serve their own urban sites, and their contribution to the process of establishing new Teachers Institutes;

• enable the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute and, to some extent, the other participating Institutes, to make initial contacts, carry out visits to interested sites, establish an annual July Intensive in New Haven, and maintain Annual Conferences;

• sustain the publication of On Common Ground, which will serve as a means of disseminating information about the progress and results of the national initiative;

• and provide eight-month Planning Grants and three-year renewable Implementation Grants to the new Teachers Institutes being established.

Funds will also be needed to provide technological assistance for the national association of Teachers Institutes.

The funding described above might best be provided by a partnership between Yale University and one or more major foundations, which would work with us in accomplishing the plan. That funding might be supplemented as necessary by other major grants or lesser grants. The grants might be administered by the partnership, by individual foundations, or by the office of the Director of the Yale National Initiative. The projected cost for the entire Yale National Initiative is 63.8 million dollars. A detailed break-down of that figure is included in the document prepared by the Institute: “Strengthening Teaching in America’s Schools: A Proposal to Replicate Nationally the Successes of the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.”

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