"School­College Collaboration: Preparing Teachers and Curricula for Public Schools"
A Report on the Conference


Foreword, by James Vivian

Conference Report, by Thomas R. Whitaker

Conference Themes
Content and Pedagogy
Curricular Reform and Assessment
Promulgation and Dissemination
Conference Sessions
Opening Sessions
Panel Discussion on Teaching in New Haven: The Common Challenge
Remarks by President Schmidt
Academic Content of Programs in Science and Mathematics
Academic Content of Programs in the Humanities
Teacher Leadership and Administrative Structure
Incentives for Institutions and Individuals to Participate
Conccurent Presentation
Address by Fred M. Hechinger
School Teachers
University Faculty Members
School Administrators
University Administrators
Present and Potential Sources of Public and Private Support
Program Evaluation: Constituents' Perspectives on Methods and Results for Teachers and Students
Concluding Panel/ Plenary Session


Programs Represented
Questionnaire Results



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