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Ninth Grade English: Aims, Skills and Procedures for Stretching a Studentís Capacity to Think, by Jeremiah Gadsden

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This unit is a summary of the purposes and goals of the ninth-grade English class. The year must be viewed as not only an invitation into the strenuous academic four-year high school program but also an intensive review of the six tools all freshman need to succeed in all areas: reading, writing, spelling, grammar, literature, and independent study. The school year, then, is structured around review, repetition, and, of course, discovery. Decoding skills are developed in sequence, moving from the alphabet, through syllables, to words; sentence parts and types are studied and paragraphs are analyzed through reading and writing exercises. The most important element is the mastery of each tool before moving on in the program; the calendar included breaks the year into marking periods and, in great detail, itemizes the correct sequence for developing very specific skills. A list of useful materials is included as well as a sample lesson plan in literature and one in independent study. Full explanations of a genre-approach to teaching literature and of a systematic program for developing independent study habits are incorporated into the narrative.

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