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Content Reading Skills (7th Grade Social Studies) Who? What? Where? Why? How? So What?, by Antonia Storlazzi

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Although directed toward a middle school social studies curriculum, this unit is a solid nine-week program that develops reading competency and confidence in any content area. Beginning with a general statement stressing the studentsí need to acquire reading skills for everyday survival (in and out of school), the narrative portion presents a variety of resources for improving concentration and comprehension. The art of deciphering directions is an especially stressed skill that can be taught using a combination of dictionaries, encyclopedias, textbooks, and atlases. The development of study skills (SQ3R) is explained fully. Follow-up activities and suggestions for an intellectually stimulating classroom environment are also included. The nine-week program is carefully and specifically outlined by week; it deals primarily with learning to read maps, moving from the global to the local. Three very detailed sample lessons drawn from topics in the outline enhance the program. Bibliographies and a list of helpful audio-visual material and equipment complete the unit.

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