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The Sequential Teaching of Writing Skills at Grade Eight, by Barry Yearwood

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This unit is designed to cover the entire year of writing instruction in an eighth grade classroom. The narrative portion divides the program into nine specific skill sections that, when taught sequentially, cover the major elements of sentence structure. The program is designed to reduce errors in writing through a combination of gradual progress through each section and constant writing practice for reinforcement at each level. The unit begins with emphasis on capitalization and the simple sentence and concludes with suggestions for teaching compound and complex sentences. Following the narrative portion, there are five sample lessons that stress activities and writing assignments for capitalization, compound sentences, and predicate nominatives. The unit also incorporates a separate list of suggested writing assignments that correspond to the nine skill sections introduced in the program. Finally, detailed explanations, with examples, of rules for capitalization, predicate nominatives, and compound sentences are included to supplement the sample lesson plans.

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