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History of Connecticut Through 1690, by Joseph A. Montagna

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This unit stresses the importance of teaching students about the history of their state in ways beyond the customary list of names, dates, and events. The narrative divides the information about Connecticut (excluding the most recent 300 years) into three categories. First, there is a review of the geological history that discusses the formation of the state’s terrain beginning with the Ice Age. Students can study today’s landscape in an attempt to understand what life was like when no shelters and no electricity were available. Next, background information on Indian life is presented. There is more on the structure and flavor of Indian society than on specific historical references. Then, the narrative covers the development and establishment of communities as settlers arrived from the Southern colonies and from across the Atlantic. This final section does include those events that led to the settlement of New Haven. At the conclusion of the narrative, there are many suggested strategies for classroom activities, special assignments, and unit presentation. There are 23 detailed lesson plans that include outlines, materials, field trips. Helpful diagrams and maps conclude the unit.

(Recommended for use in Middle School Social Studies classes.)

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