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The Stranger in Fiction, by Edward H. Fitzpatrick

Guide Entry to 79.01.04:

The intent of this unit is to use certain fictional texts to study “The Stranger in Fiction,” or “Estrangement in Fiction.” The narrative begins with a discussion of Joseph Conrad’s short story, “Amy Foster.” The process of overcoming isolation never happens for the main character, Yanks Goorall. A discussion of Ernest Hemingway’s “The Green Hills of Africa” follows “Amy Foster;” here, students can learn that estrangement is not always a permanent condition. The narrative continues to analyze three other works: Faulkner’s story, “The Bear;” Blake’s poem, “Visions of The Daughters of Albion;” and, Camara Laye’s novel, “The Radiance of the King.” An “opening day” writing activity concludes the unit.

(Designed for use in Middle School English classes.)

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Literature Estrangement Theme Modern

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