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The Foreign Policies of Harry S. Truman, by Henry J. Brajkovic

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Using the presidency of Harry S. Truman as the focus, this unit will look into the problem of decision-making: how foreign policy is made and who makes the decisions. The narrative examines some of the problems Truman faced, especially during his first years as President, and looks into the role the President and his advisors played in making major decisions. Clearly, a highly important aspect is the use of the first atom bomb against Japan. There are two other decisions discussed: Trumanís Decision on Korea and then his attempt to avoid World War III because of Korea. Four sample lesson plans are outlined in detail. Student and teacher bibliographies are included.

(Designed for High School U.S. History courses; one-two week duration.)

Key Words

1945-1952 American Foreign Policy Twentieth Century History Technology Atomic Nuclear Bomb Truman Harry Wars Korean

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