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From the Shtetl to the Tenement: The East European Jews and America, A Social History (1850-1925), by Jay M. Brown

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This unit is an attempt to examine the reasons why one of the Eastern European groups—the Jews—came to America and how they overcame some of the problems they faced when they arrived. It is also designed to stimulate teachers to develop units devoted to America’s ethnic groups. This unit may be used as part of a full marking period’s unit on the “Contribution of Immigrants a Minorities to America” or as part of a unit devoted to the treatment of Jews in Russia. The narrative traces the journey from the Shtetl to the new world (mainly of New York City); it also describes how the society and culture blended and expanded once the community was established. A course outline is followed by two sample lesson plans and multi-media reference lists.

(Designed to be incorporated into the Social Studies curriculum in the eighth grade or above.)

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History American Jews Immigration Eastern Europe America

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