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Student Protest in the 1960s, by Linda Churney

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This unit focuses on student protest in the sixties and is divided into four sections—the first on the political, economic and cultural background to the sixties; the second on the visible signs of the youth “counterculture” which developed in the sixties and the issues adopted by it; the third (and longest section) on four episodes of student protest in the sixties; and, the fourth on what has survived of the protest (and protesters). Students will examine issues and will be asked what decisions they would have made then and what kinds of choices they have now. In essence, through studying about the political and cultural revolutions of the sixties, students will be examining their own culture. For many it will be a real revelation that they are determining what that culture is. A detailed course outline is followed by two sample lessons, an annotated bibliography, and a list of audio-visual resources.

(Designed to be used for two to three weeks near the end of the U.S. History II curriculum.)

Key Words

Twentieth Century American History Politics Sixties Unrest

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