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New HavenóMaritime History and Arts, by George Foote and Richard Silocka

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The primary objective of this project i8 to give students some feeling for life on New Havenís harbor through direct contact by visiting City Point, Grapevine Point, and the Quinnipiac River; by seeing a set of slides showing life around the harbor in the recent past; and, by constructing a small fishing boat using traditional boat building skills. A secondary objective is to have the class become familiar with the maritime history of New Haven so that students will feel their experience fits into the continuum of this history once their small boat is launched. The unit focuses on the history segment of the program. Sample lesson plans are followed by notes on the slide series (available at the Institute) that shows the physical changes which have occurred in the harbor area from 1614 to the early 1900s. A selective bibliography concludes the unit.

(Designed for an HSC elective on Marine Arts and Sciences; easily adapted for use in Social Studies classes on Connecticut History.)

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Marine Ship Building Architecture History American Maritime New Haven Connecticut

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