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New Haven and the Nation 1865-1900: A Social History on Labor, Immigration, Reform, by Valerie Ann Polino

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Most books written about New Haven, by the people of the time, saw the city as the best of all possible worlds: a place of middle and upper class living. But New Haven was a typical city of the period; there was another side to life-a side which many people chose to ignore or only haphazardly mention in passing. This unit is an attempt to show the other side of late nineteenth century New Haven. The purpose is to help the student understand the interrelationship of economic and social factors, and to help him or her understand how these factors shaped the lives of the American people. The narrative includes background material that is to be supplemented by primary source readings available at the Institute office. Two sample lessons and two bibliographies conclude the unit.

(Designed for middle school Social Studies classes in Connecticut History.)

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