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New Haven is not Just Another One-Horse Town: New Haven on the Move, 1800-1920, by Farrell Sandals

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This unit will attempt to chronicle the development of various methods of transportation that were made available to the residents of New Haven from the period 1800-1920. The main objectives are to have the students become aware of New Havenís major contribution to the transportation industry and to develop a sense of pride in New Havenís achievements. The narrative presents research on the carriage industry in three distinct periods: the rise of the industry, the industryís golden age, and its decline. The unit includes three biographical sketches, three suggested lessons, bibliographies, and lists for classroom materials and field trips. Several illustrations (that can be easily reproduced) complete the project.

(Designed to cover a one to two-month period in middle school Social Studies classes.)

Key Words

New Haven Connecticut Economic History American Industry Transportation

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