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Writing Through Reading, by Cheryl Anastasio

Guide Entry to 79.04.01:

This unit, designed to improve basic writing skills, is to be used to supplement other kinds of writing as well as the study of grammar and sentence structure. This writing unit is based on a method of writing represented b Robert Gay in his book “Writing Through Reading.” The approach incorporates methods and exercises in different kinds of rewriting or retelling another person’s thoughts. Through the processes of transcribing, translating, paraphrasing, condensing, and imitating, students can learn to reproduce in writing the thoughts of others. The project is designed to be used mainly as independent classwork that grows out of small groups established early in the school year. Sample assignments covering transcription, translation, paraphrase, condensation and imitation are followed by a list of materials for classroom use, a student reading list, and a bibliography for teachers.

(Designed for middle school English classes; the unit can be used throughout the school year.)

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