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Using the Calendar as a Basis for Research, Creative Writing, and Correlation in Other Subjects, by Madeline Lupoli Carloni

Guide Entry to 79.04.03:

The purpose of this unit is to combine various ideas for teaching research and writing, and for correlating other subjects besides English and Language Arts, by using the calendar and its events. Students will learn how to work independently and in groups to collect information which can be used for learning and for pleasure. Students will become familiar with many kinds of reference materials-namely, encyclopedia, biographical dictionaries, the almanac, the atlas, and the card catalog—which will help them find information on questions given. The general plan is to have the students work in groups arranged by their birth months. They will write about which famous people were born, which historical events happened, which inventions were patented, and which holidays fall in that month. The unit includes an account of classroom activities that uses the month of June as the model. There is a list of culminating activities that is divided according to discipline: English, Social Studies, Art, Science. Assignments, again using June, are followed by a bibliography.

(Designed for middle school students in grades 7 and 8; English classes as well as other subject areas are appropriate.)

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