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A Plan for the Improvement of Reading Skills and for the Development of Personal Images Through Art, by Patricia Flynn

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The purpose and direction of this unit is to develop a reading plan through art that will encourage learning. This rationale is based upon the research that emphasizes combining language and visual learning processes that encourage growth in both the right and left brain hemispheres. Art education has an integral place in the education of children; it offers an opportunity to represent thoughts and feelings through visual images. In this unit, drawing and color are combined with the reading skills of spelling, selecting details, finding main ideas, ordering the sequence of events, and drawing conclusions. Stages or levels of artistic development are outlined in the unit. Four of Grimmís fairy tales are described and discussed in the narrative. Sample lesson plans for each of the four stories are followed by bibliographies and a classroom materials list.

(Designed for art classes at the Middle School level.)

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Reading Art Instruction Basic Skills

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