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Shakespeare for the Developmental Reader, by James Ramadei

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This curriculum unit is designed to help make the classroom instructor more aware of the readability of a Shakespearean text for those students who are at or near (0-3 years behind) expected grade level. The teacher must focus on the student’s largest intimidation with Shakespeare—his unfamiliar language. The narrative explains the development of Early Modern English and examines how the structure is perceived in order to obtain meaning. The unit, then, becomes a guide to the first reading of any Shakespearean play. “Macbeth” is used for specific examples. A detailed sequence of activities stresses the importance of the introductory lectures to the success of the project. Exercises in translation, understanding poetic language, and creating a “Shakespeare Radio Hour” are also included. Most important is a glossary of Early Modern English that lists words commonly found in all of Shakespeare’s plays.

(Recommended for English III Developmental classes; also appropriate for other levels of English III.)

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Shakespeare William Literature Drama

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