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Poems and Translation (from Spanish to English), by Jill Savitt

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Using the translation process as a learning tool in the bilingual classroom is a main objective of this unit. The spirit of poetry and the process of translation will serve both as ends in themselves, to understand what happens to poetry in translation, and of seven Spanish language poems by authors representing various countries. Each lesson revolves around a poem and its translation (usually provided simultaneously for students to examine). Specific exercises grow out of each pair of poems. The unit finale involves reading a Spanish poem without benefit of translation; each student (and the teacher) must then create an original interpretation of the piece. A bibliography that includes dictionaries, reference tools, and materials completes the unit; it is followed by annotations on several bibliography entries.

(Recommended for use in Middle School bilingual classes for a four to eight-week period; the unit can be easily adapted for High School use.)

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Literature Spanish English Bilingualism Poetry

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