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Long Island Sound-Our Heritage, by Lee B. Hotchkiss

Guide Entry to 79.06.05:

There are three basic objectives for this course. They are: 1) to make students aware of their marine environment and its vital relationship to their lives, 2) to help potential scientists and, 3) to suggest ways to both teachers and students of using marine-related material in nearly all subject areas. The unit includes an introductory section to prepare students for the kind of physical, chemical, and biological situations that exist in the marine and aquatic ecosystems. There is also a brief history of the early glacial period in Connecticut and of the slow formation of Long Island Sound. Survival of life forms is also included. A detailed course outline is followed by extensive preparation for a coastal intertidal field trip. Three other classroom activities are fully explained. Bibliographies, materials, and an appendix present a large body of useful reference information.

(Designed for High School Science classes; the unit is interdisciplinary.)

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Marine Science Long Island Sound New Haven Connecticut Harbor Oceanography

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