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Ages in Stages: An Exploration of the Life Cycle based on Erik Erikson’s Eight Stages of Human Development, by Margaret Krebs-Carter

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How does age make a difference in the way we act/think/feel? Erik Erikson, the well-known teacher and psychiatrist who popularized the term “identity crisis” claims that we are greatly affected by the developmental changes that we undergo as we mature. This curriculum unit pursues the question of age differences by focusing on Erik Erikson’s theory of human development—the eight stages. Included in this unit are: 1) brief explanations of the eight stages; 2) recommended readings—short stories, plays, and novels—that illustrate the emotional crises that occur during these eight stages; 3) activities to introduce the new concepts; 4) suggestions of theoretical material for students to read; 5) a description of how to structure the classroom in order to teach a class in which group participation is encouraged.

(Recommended for 11th and 12th grade English and Human Development/ Psychology.)


Erik Erikson Human Development Psychology

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