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I Love a Mystery, by Phyllis A. Taylor

Guide Entry to 80.01.09:

“I Love a Mystery” is an English language and literature course designed to increase the reading and writing skills of students just out of the basic communication courses and at the same time provide new information and interest to more advanced students. The course presents the mystery as a genre, and students will study the mystery novel’s origins and construction. Students will study major aspects of the novel: plot, character, setting, theme, point of view, and conflict. Students will also write, focusing on various aspects of a story, and conclude the unit by creating a mystery story of their own. It is hoped that students will enjoy the mysteries they read with the result that they may become independent readers. The unit contains an overview, sample lesson plans, and a sample book study guide. There is also an appendix containing references and other mysteries.

(Recommended for 9th through 12th Intermediate and Advanced English Literature or Reading.)


General Detective Fiction Literature

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