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Comic Books: Superheroes/heroines, Domestic Scenes, and Animal Images, by Patricia Flynn

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This unit, “Comic Books: Superheroes/heroines, Domestic Scenes, and Animal Images” is a plan that can be suitable for middle school students. It is developed especially for students in an art class situation, but can be adapted for use in Reading/Language Arts or History curriculum. The history of the comic book is presented through written and visual (slides) material that portrays the comic book as a reflection of American culture. Three specific styles of comic books are discussed: the Superhero/heroine, Domestic Scenes, and Animal Images. Following the historical survey of the above comic book styles, one can find art activities that aim to develop skills which will result in an original comic book. These skills include: construction of three-dimensional comic book characters, drawing exercises, and the writing of stories that are adaptable to comic book themes.

(Recommended for 6th through 8th grade Art.)

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