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New Haven: Its Ships and Its Trades 1800-1920, by George Foote and Richard Silocka

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“New Haven: Its Ships and Its Trades 1800-1920” is designed for high school students taking either United States History or Marine Arts and Sciences. The unit focuses on the Quinnipiac River and Fair Haven during the l9th century and examines the two principle water orientated businesses, coasting and oystering. Special attention is given to the local ship builders including a list of all the yards with their locations. The unit then turns to examine the history of craft used in oystering, starting with the log canoe and then New Haven’s contribution to small boat design, the sharpie. The description of the sharpie is quite detailed and somewhat technical and can/will be used by students as part of the orientation prior to actually building a sharpie.

(Recommended for 9th through 12th grade United States History and Marine Arts and Sciences.)

Key Words

Marine Ship Building Architecture Harbor Nineteenth Century New Haven Connecticut History American Maritime

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