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View: Visual Inquiry/Experience in Writing, by Anthony F. Franco and Benjamin A. Gorman

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“VIEW: Visual Inquiry/Experience in Writing” is a multi-faceted unit designed to improve both observation and writing skills in grades 7-12. The unit is based upon a schema of study outlined by Dr. Jules Prown of Yale University which details how one comes to “know” an object. This plan conducts the viewer through various stages of looking at objects beginning with physical dimensions, color, and content (observation), proceeding through the establishment of a “dialogue” between the viewer and object (deduction), and culminating with an extension of what is known about the object to circumstances completely unknown but feasible (speculation). Within each of these stages we have developed writing activities which are specifically designed to lead the student on a lucid path toward better writing. These activities, including self-tests, Post Assessment, and Quest Activities, are included in a Learning Activity Packet (LAP) at the end of the unit. All performance objectives and a schedule for the use of the unit are also included therein.

(Recommended for 7th through 12th grade Social Studies, English and Art.)

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