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Drama in the Bilingual Classroom, by Myrella Lara

Guide Entry to 80.03.06:

This is a ten week unit designed to introduce students, in the advanced and transitional levels of English as a Second Language, grades 7-12, to drama. The development of a script, based on a familiar theme, the reading of the parts, and the actual production of the play are all covered in eight steps. Activities, games, homework assignments, and follow-up work are discussed and explained, according to educational objectives. Because of the increased opportunity for individual creative satisfaction that acting and playwriting brings to the students, it is hoped that the bilingual student will learn and practice his second language with more ease. The use of dramatics in the English as a Second Language classroom may serve to enhance and speed up this learning process.

(Recommended for 7th through 12th grade English as a Second Language classes.)

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Playwriting Spanish English Bilingualism ESL Drama

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