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Flash! Super Heroes Teach Students to Read and Write, by Bobby Banquer and Robert J. Winters

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Flash! Super Heroes Teach Students to Read and Write is geared to help students who read on a third, fourth, or fifth grade level, and who generally do not engage in self-initiated reading. The six week unit, which takes advantage of studentsí interest and the appeal of comic books, is intended to widen studentsí view of the world of print. The unit will give students a good understanding of the elements of a story while building developmental, functional and recreational reading skills. A six week day to day lesson plan is included which gives activities, classroom resources, curriculum material for the teacher and a suggested reading list for both student and teacher.

(Recommended for 5th through 12th grade English and 3rd through 12th grade Language Art.)

Key Words

Reading Comic Books Writing Literature Instruction Basic Skills Narrative

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