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Practicing Precision: Lessons from Mathematical Language and Writing, by Helen Sayward

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This curriculum unit is designed to prepare students for their year’s work in Mathematics. One of the major goals of the unit is, therefore, the review of basic skills and functions which should be known to the student but may have been neglected over the summer. Two other goals are: 1) teaching students to develop an interest in mathematical concepts in their own right, and 2) teaching them good work habits and pride in their accomplishments. Mathematics taught in a structured fashion lends itself beautifully to these two goals. Classroom activities should center more on playing games with numbers, learning logical thinking, and working on exercises that emphasize developing alternate ways of thinking. These are important precursors to developing problem solving skills which can be presented later in the year.

(Recommended for 9th and 10th grade Applied Math I, 9th and 10th grade Applied Math II, and 11th and 12th grade Consumer Math.)

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