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A Creative Classroom Model for a Sixth Grade Science Class, by Peter W. Depino

Guide Entry to 80.05.04:

This unit is a design specifically related to the sixth grade science curriculum. It is intended to cover a year’s time and is divided into two parts. The design recommends that the physical environment be arranged as learning centers. The first half of the year involves the introduction and philosophy of the program. A creative atmosphere is encouraged and the inquiry method emphasized. The second half of the year will incorporate the content areas of co-ordination with the discovery process. Children will be encouraged to create their own centers as a result of the attitudes and skills developed in the first section. The first section involves the use of 5-6 prepared units that are available in the city (Attribute Games, Kitchen Physics, Crystals, Elc. & Mag (SCIS), Peas and Particles).

(Recommended for sixth grade Science.)

Key Words

Basic Skills Investigation Science

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