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Human Ecology: How It Relates to Population, by Sherree L. Kassuba

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The study of population is an important one since our lives are greatly influenced by the long-reaching consequences. The reason why I wrote the unit was to have my science students become more aware of the population problems. This unit could be used as an introduction to an important subject in many classes. The topics covered in the unit are: birth and death rates, fertility rates, marriage and childbearing, women’s roles, birth control, age structure, population control, Year of World Population, census, changing attitudes, education, voluntary and involuntary control. There are many activities for an individual to work on, for class projects and field trips. There is also a listing of different organizations to write and receive valuable information for the class. I planned to use this unit for my freshman science classes but it could be expanded into more detail for classes other than sciences.

(Recommended for Physical Science, 9th grade level, Sociology, 11th and 12th grade level, and Environmental Studies, 10th grade level.)

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Human Population Ecology Enviromental Science

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