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New Perspectives on Teaching Afro-American History, by Michael Burgess

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As the unit title indicates, “New Perspectives on Teaching Afro-American History” is geared toward (suggesting) a new approach to the teaching of Afro-American History. The unit’s chief concern is to provide students with a frame of reference (model) with which historical, sociological, and economic information can be organized and analyzed. Apart from the specific historical information transmitted the unit affords students an opportunity to develop and refine those skills which relate to: A) organization and presentation of data, B) documentation, C) identification and usage of source materials. The value to be gained from this approach provides (for students) a foundation for academic success that goes beyond the subject matter of a particular discipline.

(Recommended for 11th grade United States History II and 12th grade Afro-American History, Sociology, and English.)

Key Words

Afro-Americans South North Migration History Black 1900-1920

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