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Prisons, Prisoners and Punishment, Peter Neal Herndon

Guide Entry to 80.06.05:

The unit investigates the history of prisons and prison reforms in the United States. An attempt is made to explore the changes in prison conditions and operating philosophies, both from the point of view of prisoner and administrator. The underlying theme of the unit is: “Do prisons rehabilitate or merely separate the criminal offender?” The culminating student activity is the attempted design of a regional corrections network that will meet the needs of the greater New Haven area. The curriculum guide summarizes a four-week ninth-grade plan including lectures, guest speakers, role-plays, class discussions, readings and audio-visual materials. A list of investigative questions posed by the author helps to focus attention on the open-ended nature of the unit.

(Recommended for 9th grade Urban Studies.)

Key Words

Prison Criminal Justice System Judicial American Sociology Institutions

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