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Past and Present New York Through A Comparative Study of Photography and Poetry by Jane K. Marshall

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This unit is planned as a sequel to a previous unit (“Poetry and Paintings: A Comparative Study”). “Poetry and Paintings” introduced students to the genre of poetry via a study of paintings. Students learned of metaphors, symbols, structure etc. in paintings and transferred this knowledge to the genre of poetry. Students were enthusiastic about studying a visual mode of expression. This unit seeks to introduce students to the art of photography. In addition students will begin to see a connection between the artist and his world. Thus photographs and poetry of particular periods of time (in New York) will be studied in conjunction with the history of New York City. This is a broad-based humanities approach which attempts to answer the question: Why is the study of the arts important?

(Recommended for 9th and 10th grade Advanced English.)

Key Words

Poetry Photography Art Urban Life Social History New York City Reading

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