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The British Thriller-An Introduction to the British Novel by Phyllis A. Taylor

Guide Entry to 81.02.09:

The British Thriller is a IA Block English course designed as an introduction to the British novel. The course assumes a student has taken at least one literature course before, but this is not required. Included in the unit are summaries for “The Thirty-nine Steps” and “Call for the Dead,” a brief summary of British history from 1880 to World War II, suggestions for teaching both novels and several short pieces, and three lesson plans, as well as a complete study guide for LeCarre’s “Call for the Dead.” Emphasis is placed on a humanistic approach, although skills are not neglected. The unit can be adapted for any level from below average to advanced. Group discussion and composition constitute a large share of the time, and vocabulary is given with each reading selection.

(Recommended for Senior High School English.)

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British Literature Thriller Novel

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