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Sexually Speaking by Lee B. Hotchkiss

Guide Entry to 81.03.01:

The unit on Sexually Speaking integrates biological facts, social science concepts, and such learning processes as values development and decision-making skills. The curriculum is useful for the students’ needs now and in the future. The activities chosen are designed to involve the students in the examination and evaluation of their beliefs and feelings. Each activity has an objective, instructions or procedures, and some ideas for conclusions that can be discussed or written about. I am in the process of making up other activities for both values development, review of biological material, and evaluation material. Almost completed is a game, “Let Us Get Rid of the Myths,” which will be available to anyone who wants to try it. Hopefully, too, there will be models of the male and female reproductive systems. All of this material can be integrated into any sexuality course. The material has relied heavily on small group discussions and also some student-teacher interaction. The basic goal of this type approach is to encourage honest communication so that students will feel free to raise questions and examine their concerns and values and to be concerned about the values of others.

(Recommended for 10th grade Biology and 11th grade Human Physiology.)

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General Sexuality Contraception

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