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Family Life and Human Sexuality for the Puerto Rican Girl by Erena Mazou-Skorik and Madeline Zelonis

Guide Entry to 81.03.04:

This unit is composed of two parts, The first is a background for the teacher, a brief introduction to the Hispanic culture and an attempt to give insight into the state of mind of the “average” Puerto Rican adolescent girl. The second is a curriculum unit, a mini-course divided into eight sessions which can be used independently. We have included the description of some activities as well as a reading list. We have also included a few charts that can be used as hand-outs. The cultural background describes the family atmosphere in a Puerto Rican home, discipline and child-rearing practices are explained, and dating and courting (what it used to be and what it is today) are examined. Since our prime interest was pregnancy, we also researched what happens to the young girl who gets pregnant. Finally, a quick overview is given of the most prevalent myths surrounding pregnancy and sex in general.

(Recommended for 8th—12th grade Parenting, Sex Education, and Health.)

Key Words

Sex Education Spanish English Bilingualism Ethnicity Puerto Rican Sexuality Culture Rico Human Teenagers Literature History

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