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A Manual for Teaching Sex Education by Barbara Bailey, Marilyn Gaudioso, and Annette Vetre

Guide Entry to 81.03.09:

Based on the idea that an individual needs accurate and correct information in order to make responsible decisions, this sex education unit has been developed to address the needs of the early adolescent. It is organized in such a way as to lend itself to the greatest amount of flexibility with respect to either using the unit in its entirety or selecting portions to fit specific instructional needs. Throughout the unit we would hope that each child would come to a greater understanding of himself or herself. This could be accomplished through classroom discussion with emphasis on respect for individual studentsí attitudes and opinions. We are optimistic that the ultimate result would be an increased social maturity as well as an awareness of physiological development. Due to the sensitivity of the content of portions of the unit, special efforts should be undertaken by the teacher to consider the societal constraints of these topics. Students should be made aware of controversy surrounding the issues and encouraged to develop their own opinions. The manual contains numerous visual aids.

(Recommended for 5th-8th grade Science (parts can be used in other subject areas).)

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Sexuality Education

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