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An Electrical Consumerís Survival Plan by Peter W. Depino

Guide Entry to 81.05.01:

This unit is designed to be used with a sixth grade science class in coordination with a unit on electricity. The scheduled time is three weeks. The content can easily be altered to a lower level. The primary objectives are (1) understanding a kilowatt-hour, (2) learning how electric consumption is measured, (3) learning how to read and record meter readings, (4) monitoring daily electric consumption in the home, (5) identifying electric energy users, and (6) understanding and calculating an electric bill. It is suggested that this unit be part of a sequential development of science concepts beginning with the theory of the atom in relation to the three states of matter. The structure of the atom should be discussed and mastered, as should an adequate vocabulary of electrical concepts. Hopefully, this unit will provoke parents through their children into realizing that a little awareness goes a long way. There are activities that will allow the child to work with parents as well as writing assignments (letters) to obtain the materials needed to participate in this unit, since printed material is limited.

(Recommended for Grade 6 Science.)

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Electricity Basic Concepts Physics

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