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Graphing and the Computer by James Francis Langan

Guide Entry to 81.06.06:

This unit consists of two computer programs. The first teaches X,Y plotting; it is a teaching machine. The second is a demonstration of coordinate transformations, matrices, vector equations of lines and perspective and will draw a picture of any geometric solid whose coordinates it has been given. These pictures will be stereograms they may be viewed in three dimensions. Computers do not have to be teaching machines, drill masters. The second program is an example of the computer used as a teaching aid without being a teaching machine.

(Recommended for 9th grade Algebra I, 10th grade Geometry, Algebra II and Trig, 11th grade Advanced Functions and Algebra II, and 12th grade Calculus.)

Key Words

Graphing Computers Mathematics Geometry Computer Assisted Cartesian Solids

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