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The I in You, by Kathleen O’neil

Guide Entry to 82.02.05:

This unit, in the study of autobiography, has been designed to be an enjoyable and creative way to meet many of the academic needs of our students in language arts, as well as aiding these students in their quest for self knowledge and self fulfillment. The lessons have been constructed to meet a variety of reading levels within your language arts classes. This unit presents autobiography as a living skill which is used every day of our lives. It then offers the students the opportunity to experience autobiography in both its written and non-written form, Through these lessons students will read, write, discuss and appreciate the autobiographical statements of themselves and eventually those of others. The overriding objective for this unit is for the student and the teacher to enjoy the sharing and self expression that autobiographical studies offer us.

(Recommended for 6th-8th grades Language Arts)

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Autobiography Reading Instruction Writing

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