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American Personalities Autobiographical Sketches by Maria Pennacchio

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This unit, American Personalities Autobiographical Sketches, was designed to be used in introducing foreign students to famous Americans. It gives the students the opportunity to become acquainted with famous personalities who have left and continue to leave a mark in American history. The unit concentrates on Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglass, Maya Angelou, Maxine H. Kingston, and Martin L. King, Jr. Segments of American history are also explored within the readings. The students will become aware of historical backgrounds in which the lives of these people were set. The four major skills; reading, writing, listening and speaking are emphasized throughout the entire unit. The students will increase their reading level, reinforce their listening comprehension, obtain a higher command of the spoken language and refine their writing skills.

(Recommended for 9th-12th grades E.S.O.L.-C and 9th grade Developmental English)

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ESL Bilingualism Reading Instruction Autobiography Writing Personalities History

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