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Multicultural Education: A Calendar of Ethnic Festivals and Celebrations, by Deborah Peck

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This Unit is intended for use in a Foreign Language class for seventh and eighth graders. It is a continuation of a unit that I wrote on multicultural education in 1980. It is focused on a multicultural calendar of ethnic festivals and celebrations, dated from January 1982 through May 1982. I have further provided background information on several spring festivals around the world including: Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Holi, Hina Matsuri, Tango-No Sekku, Durbar, and Pesach. The background information is written so that it can be read to students if the teacher chooses. This unit is not intended to be a comprehensive five-month program, but rather a supplement to many other activities in the classroom. It is hoped that this unit will be used by educators of all disciplines and grade levels in order to help students develop a sensitivity to and understanding of other ethnic cultures.

(Recommended for 7-12 grades Foreign Language, History and English)

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