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Helping the Adolescent Cope with Family Life, by Gary D. Mikolinski

Guide Entry to 82.06.07:

This unit is designed for use with a seventh or eighth grade Social Studies class. I chose this age group because the students are entering the most crucial stage of their life—adolescence. Some adolescents experience special problems with their parents, but all adolescents have some relationship problems with their parents. After the completion of this unit the students will have an understanding of the stresses and strains put on members of the modern American family. They will be aware of such “common” social problems as the increasing divorce rate, changing sex roles, lack of communication, and conflict of needs. We will discuss some of the causes of these problems and the effects they have on family members. The lessons will be based on group discussions which will focus on what is important to the students in their difficult roles as family members. The sample lesson plans will show the teacher how to incorporate television programs, contemporary music, movies, newspaper and magazine articles about family matters to arouse student participation and initiate class discussions.

(Recommended for 7th and 8th grade Social Studies and English.)

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American Adolescent Psychology

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