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The Art In Architecture, by Sondra A. White

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The unit relates to the “Art” in Architecture which allows the students to develop the aesthetic elements of architecture. They will be combining their understanding of the art in architecture. There are many architectural dimensions that will not be included in this unit: function, engineering, economics, labor factors and so forth.

The unit, designed for the art class, is separated into four parts which include four projects that will be done by each of the students. The first step the students will gain basic written knowledge of architecture by using transparencies and reference ditto sheets to follow along with the lessons. Second, the students will be able to duplicate the facade of a building by tracing from a projected image shown from the transparencies. In the third step, a printing project, the students will apply their knowledge of symmetrical and asymmetrical balance. Color will create a three dimensional effect on a flat surface by using a monochromatic color scheme. The final project will be to create a model of a temple. Each student will make a kit that will include all the parts that will be put together to end up with a finished building.

In completion of the unit, the students will have successfully gained knowledge of the “Art” in architecture.

(Recommended for 8th and 9th grade Art classes)

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