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Architectural Differences in Design, by Joseph Borkowski

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Architectural Differences in Design is a unit composed of information related to the residential building structures located in various neighborhoods of New Haven. It describes the types of houses found in these neighborhoods and the various design features of these houses. In this unit will be found descriptions of exterior features of residential buildings. This will include the most common types of roofs used such as Gable, Hip, Flat, Shed and Grabrel. These roofs are found on such buildings designed on the style of Old English, Tudor, Georgian, Dutch Colonial, Cape Cod, Victorian, and what is called modern contemporary. The unit includes sample lesson plans with information sheets and test material. Also included with this unit is a vocabulary list to reinforce the studentsí use of words and better understand the subject matter in this unit.

(Recommended for Grades 11 and 12 Architectural Drafting and Vocational Drafting)

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