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Drama for Those Who Do Not Like or Understand Drama, by Edward D. Cohen

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This curriculum is aimed at students who do not have any background in theater. It tries to give a comprehensive overview of the theater. It begins with a history of drama from the Greeks to modern times. It deals with the terms used in theater, instructions for reading of plays, and deals with theater games that will unwind students. The curriculum continues with the study of three full-length plays including “Raisin In the Sun,” “Death of a Salesman,” and “Land Beyond the River.” It covers the study of one act plays, radio plays and a television play. It was written for high school students in grades eleven and twelve who have not had opportunities to study drama in depth. The students in this class will hear lectures from people in the theater, will attend live performances at local theaters, and will have a chance to study drama at close range. The students will be using their reading, listening and speaking skills and will be acting out scenes from all the plays they study. They will interact with each other, and will grow to enjoy and understand the theater. The curriculum will run from sixteen to twenty weeks.

(Recommended for Grades 10, 11 and 12 English and Drama)

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