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Salvage the Senses, by Joyce Morris Listro

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Today’s student must be prepared to enter a continually demanding world which requires him to possess an ever increasing number of skills. His success depends greatly on his ability to listen, observe, evaluate, follow directions, and make decisions.

This unit provides a means by which students will:

1. develop keener awareness of the five senses.

2. use this awareness to improve ability to: a) listen and follow directions, b) visualize and respond to non-verbal forms of communication, c) use critical thinking skills,

3. understand designated terminology as related to drama,

4. develop an appreciation for drama and an understanding that the creative process requires the dedication, patience, cooperation and combined talents of many people.

(Recommended for Reading/Language Arts grades 6 through 8)

Key Words

Acting Elementary School Drama Musical Theater Insruction Performances Physical Education Movement Training

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