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The Teacher Directs: The Experience of Movement in Literature, by Andrea Sadick-Passarelli

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This unit was created to make drama more exciting and tangible for students. It allows the teacher to work with drama in the realm of professional theatre. The teacher becomes the stage director, while the students are transformed into actors for a six or eight week period. Many aspects of drama as a literary form, as well as theatre craft are discussed and incorporated into the teaching unit. The unit examines theatre techniques as a viable teaching and learning tool. The ultimate goal of the unit is to produce a well rehearsed and technically correct performance of a scene from the play “The Enchanted” by Jean Giraudoux. This unit presents an organized and systematic approach to play production in the classroom. It establishes the teacher as the professional director who leads his/her actors through various physical, vocal and intellectual exercises as a means of examining drama as a living art form. The sample lesson plans include specific goals, objectives and strategies for introducing and using theatre techniques in the classroom. The lesson plans develop improvisations, mime, theatre games, character development, costuming, makeup and blocking techniques. Suggested exercises for each are offered as well as sixty technical vocabulary terms. The unit also contains pertinent background information on “The Enchanted” and Jean Giraudoux.

(Recommended for 11th and 12th grade English, and 10th, 11th and 12th grade Performing Arts)

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Acting Elementary Instruction Performance Drama Literature Physical Education Training Movements

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