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The Time Has Come: Poetry and Drama Use in the Geography Class, by Joseph Aloysius Weber

Guide Entry to 83.05.08:

This unit offers another supplemental approach to the middle school geography teacher: the use of both poetry and drama that has an association with journeys, weather, people in distant places, resources, beauty, and time, among other things. A number of poems are suggested for classroom use: some are familiar, some are not; some of the poems are serious, some are not. The poems are recommended for various kinds of readings, and also in conjunction with other geography class uses.

Four plays are recommended for use and described:

The Swamp Dweller (Nigeria) by Wole Soyinka A Marriage Proposal (U.S.S.R.) by Anton Chekhov Spreading The News (Ireland) by Lady Gregory The Big Wave (Japan) by Pearl Buck

As with the poems, some suggestions are made for activities to correlate with the dramas.

(Recommended for 7th grade Geography, the Eastern Hemisphere)

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Geography Teaching Poetry Drama

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